13 Sep

the term website is used to describe to the collection of various web pages which are related and which that can be identified with a mutual domain name. the web pages in a website can also be published at least one server. Usually, a person will need the internet protocols network so as to access any website. Such internet protocols may include the Local Area Network-LAN. Basically, different people will use the website for different functions. For this reason, a website can either be a corporate website to be used by a company, government website, the website for the organizations and so on. a website can also be used for handling a particular topic of discussion. This may range from entertainment to social networking. To build a website, there are various steps that a person has follow as discussed below.

When building a good website at techlogitic.net/how-you-can-start-your-own-social-network-site/, a person has to ensure that he chooses the right platform. The platform is like the content management system of the website. The content management system is much easier platform to use and a simpler way of managing the online content for the websites when compared to the use of numerous HTML pages. A good example of a content management system is the WordPress. The use of the content management system is one of the simplest ways to creating website.

This is so especially when this method is contrasted to learning of the HTML from the scratch which may take up 6 months and so on. The next thing to do while building a website is to look for a domain and the web hosting plan. The domain name is the universal resource locator or the web address which will be used by the visitors to locate your website and access the content. Web hosting is the service that enables you to be able to connect the website to the internet.  Get more facts about web design at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Web_design.

Usually, the web hosting service will come at a fee. This will then need to one come up with a suitable plan that will ensure that the web site is constantly connected to the internet and that is accessible at all time. The last step to follow while building a website is set up and the customization of the website. This involves choosing of themes or the templates for your website so as to make it as attractive as possible to the visitors. Customization will be involving setting up the website such that it is able to meet design and functional requirements of the website owner. Get useful ideas here!

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